5 Reasons You Should Use A Professional Answering Service

Small businesses are often short on the resources that are needed for them to keep up with customer inquiries. Answering phones is a simple task that may fall to the bottom of the list of priorities for small businesses, but it is important for companies to prioritize responding to customers in order to gain and retain a loyal clientele. While all types of small businesses can benefit from an answering service, small businesses that employ medical professionals and service contractors can enjoy additional benefits to hiring a professional answering service.

Your small business can book more appointments with an answering service. Customers who call outside of business hours or during a time when all of the employees in your company are busy assisting other customers may be inclined to take their business elsewhere. An answering service gives customers the option to schedule an appointment immediately and results in more business for your company.

Man Providing Professional Answering Services
Man Providing Professional Answering Services

Many small business owners feel that it is sufficient to simply establish voice mail in case a client calls after hours and wants to book an appointment. However, it is common for people to hang up instead of leaving a message when they are sent to voice mail. A professional answering service gives clients the ability to book appointments without having to leave a message.

Employees are free to focus on important projects instead of answering phones all day. Many small businesses find that they need to dedicate the majority of one employee’s workday to answering phones. This time-consuming task may help companies build a positive reputation with customers because they will be able to easily reach the business, but having employees answer phones takes them away from projects that benefit the company. Hiring an answering service provides the benefit of having customers’ calls answered without losing out on manpower in the office.

Customers can access information at all times of the day and night. Making appointments is not the only reason that customers may call your business. Including important information about your company that can be conveyed through an answering service at any time of day or night allows customers to learn more about the business. Hours of operation or instructions for reaching an employee outside of business hours can be relayed through an answering service to better serve your customers.

Medical professionals can enjoy the benefits of serving patients with a HIPPA-compliant service. While this reason does not apply to small businesses in all industries, answering services are a big positive for medical offices. Privacy is a top priority for companies that provide answering services for small businesses. The privacy of patients, clients and the business itself will be protected when an answering service is used.

Customers view companies that have a professional answering service in a positive way. Companies that have no answering service often frustrate customers who are faced with a never-ending ringing phone line when they try to contact someone to ask questions or make an appointment. Any small business can give customers a professional first impression by utilizing an answering service.

A competitive small business environment makes it essential for companies to stay ahead of the competition in any way possible. The positive, professional appearance and convenience of an answering service allows companies to maintain a competitive edge. Answering services help small businesses book more appointments and form a lasting professional relationship with customers.

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