An Honest Look at the Pros and Cons of Unlimited Online Backup for Small Businesses

5 Things Small Businesses Need To Know About Google Penguin

5 Things Small Businesses Need To Know About Google Penguin

There has been a lot of talk in the SEO world lately about the release of Google Penguin. But what is it, and what does it mean for your small business? Google Penguin is the latest development within the Google search algorithm to help them sort through and index the countless websites and pages that […]

Nine Surprisingly Easy Ways to Kill Your Career

6 Killer Tips to Know In Order to Succeed in Starting a Business

Business Success

Perhaps you have come up with an idea so wonderful that it makes the invention of the Post-it note seem trivial by comparison. Even though your new idea has you seeing dollar signs, it won’t become a reality until it enters the marketplace, which is why you have to start thinking about starting up a […]

What is Usenet?


The Internet is a vast and almost limitless worldwide network. Many people use the Internet to access information and discuss ideas. Search engines are useful and so are news companies’ websites.  There is, however, one worldwide network that has existed for decades and provides users with a logical and efficient way to access and post […]

Online Video Advertising

How to Keep Calm During a Business Disaster

Surveying the damage to business property

A business disaster can strike at any moment. Companies can experience office fires, natural disasters or even terrorist attacks. Some disasters do not have an easily defined origin. For example, if your company sales suddenly plummet to the point where bankruptcy becomes an option, then that is definitely a business crisis. When you are able […]

Facebook Access Restriction: Computer Monitoring Software VS. Employees

Facebook Restrictions at Work

Rules and regulations within the office should be ideally maintained to keep the structural integrity of the entire social system intact. It is an obvious, straight and direct rule that teaches us the power of corporate unity and the importance of individual productivity, and yet we seem to fail to follow it perfectly. Some employees […]

The Pros & Cons of Starting Your Own Company

Using the 80/20 Rule to Manage Your Time

Pareto Principle 80/20 Rule

You’re probably aware of the famous Pareto Principle that says that in many situations 20 percent of your efforts will account for 80 percent of your success. This means that if you have ten things to accomplish today, odds are that two of them will be worth more to your success than the other eight […]