The Google Docs Scam: Security Takeaways for Small Businesses

Google Docs Phishing Scam

If your spouse emails you a link to a document, do you open it? Most people, no matter how security-minded they may be, would probably open up any email their spouse sent them. It’s someone they know and trust, so they’re not going to email something dangerous, right? Well all it took was one ingenious […]

Dangers of Using the Cloud for Corporate File Sharing


File sharing is a very convenient and popular tactic for enterprises. File sharing can help increase productivity and can be very convenient but this can often come at a price. What many enterprises don’t realize is the potential risks from poor file sharing habits. Elastica has conducted a study of over 100 million customer files […]

An Honest Look at the Pros and Cons of Unlimited Online Backup for Small Businesses

What is Usenet?


The Internet is a vast and almost limitless worldwide network. Many people use the Internet to access information and discuss ideas. Search engines are useful and so are news companies’ websites.  There is, however, one worldwide network that has existed for decades and provides users with a logical and efficient way to access and post […]

TeamDrive iOS app brings enterprise-grade security to cloud file-sharing for iPhone and iPad

Press: Modular DPS Unveils MSP Aggregator Program

Modular Data Protection Services

New Modular 360° Partner Program™ Offers Partner Access to Products, Services and Expertise to Enhanced Cloud Opportunities TORONTO, April 3, 2012 – Modular Data Protection Services (DPS) Inc., a leader in cloud data protection for the channel servicing the SMB/SME market, today announced a new and innovative program for IT Services Providers looking for new […]

Time to Welcome Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Since the time Amazon Kindle Fire was announced, people have been eagerly awaiting to buy such an affordable tablet. It is going to be one of the highest selling tablets. The reasons behind its massive sale are not difficult to assess. The first is its very competitive price that no other tablet manufacturer offers. It […]

The Power Behind the World’s Thinnest Servers


The advent of the internet has made personal computers constant companions of people of all ages, whether for work, learning, entertainment, business and commerce or simply browsing through the rich resources of the worldwide web. Coming in different sizes and varying degrees of sophistication, personal computers range from the more familiar desktop or floor standing […]