How to Keep Calm During a Business Disaster

Surveying the damage to business property

A business disaster can strike at any moment. Companies can experience office fires, natural disasters or even terrorist attacks. Some disasters do not have an easily defined origin. For example, if your company sales suddenly plummet to the point where bankruptcy becomes an option, then that is definitely a business crisis. When you are able […]

The Pros & Cons of Starting Your Own Company

6 Laws of Green Marketing

Tips to Cut Cost When Running a Business

Save Money

Every business owner knows it costs money to make money. But the trick in maximizing profitability is to reduce operating costs when possible. Though some costs are fixed such a lease payments or mortgage installments, other costs fluctuate. These are known as “variable” costs because they change from month to month. Such costs are employee […]

Benefits Of Voice Technology In The Warehouse Environment

Benefits of Voice Directed Warehouse Management Software

The use of modern management software has been common in the warehouse environment for almost two decades.  Since its inception in the early 90s we have seen many new innovations that have helped businesses to track product sales, control stock levels and sell off slow moving items cheap before they incur a loss.  One of […]

Quick Patent Filing Procedures Guide

USA Trademark & Patent Office Building

Filing a patent is a complicated, but necessary procedure to protect your invention. To qualify for a patent, your idea must be a new, non-obvious, and useful process, machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter, or an improvement on any of the above. Before you can even being the patent process, you or your attorney […]

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Business

Trade Show Booth Marketing

With the ever-shifting economy, changes are happening in the trade show industry affecting how a business advertises and promotes its presence as a trade show exhibitor.  Studies amongst exhibit marketers show a dramatic increase in online and social network marketing shifting away from direct mail advertising.  Social media can help reach out to customers helping […]