Best Apps for the Business Person on the Go

Best Business Apps

The modern-day businessman differs hugely from that of decades ago. Ever since smartphones with a ton of useful apps have appeared, the name of the game has changed immensely. The fact that there are so many of these out there means a lot of ease, but also requires planning, selection and getting used to. Further […]

Dangers of Using the Cloud for Corporate File Sharing


File sharing is a very convenient and popular tactic for enterprises. File sharing can help increase productivity and can be very convenient but this can often come at a price. What many enterprises don’t realize is the potential risks from poor file sharing habits. Elastica has conducted a study of over 100 million customer files […]

The Five Best Small Business Apps for 2014


The once popular phrase, “there’s an app for that,” has pretty much died as a popular idiom since everyone already knows the value and importance of these handy, little applications. In 2014, the number of free downloaded apps fell just shy of 128 billion, projected to top 167 billion in 2015 and surpass the 200 […]

Get an Edge on Business Rivals with Competitive Intelligence Tools


The capabilities of the internet have been a boon to small businesses looking to effectively and inexpensively promote their services to a global audience. The net has also changed the way that start-ups and long-term businesses collect and use market research in a bid to stay ahead of the competition. Social media, blogs and websites […]

Are you prepared for a software license audit?


If you’re expecting a software license audit in the coming year, a constant worry is that the number of licenses you have purchased will deviate too much from the number of software applications actually used. Without a good overview of the relation between purchased and actually used licenses, your organization runs the risk of incurring […]

Benefits Of Voice Technology In The Warehouse Environment

Benefits of Voice Directed Warehouse Management Software

The use of modern management software has been common in the warehouse environment for almost two decades.  Since its inception in the early 90s we have seen many new innovations that have helped businesses to track product sales, control stock levels and sell off slow moving items cheap before they incur a loss.  One of […]