Adding a Personal Touch to Your Business

Trade Show Booth Marketing With the ever-shifting economy, changes are happening in the trade show industry affecting how a business advertises and promotes its presence as a trade show exhibitor.  Studies amongst exhibit marketers show a dramatic increase in online and social network marketing shifting away from direct mail advertising.  Social media can help reach out to customers helping them feel valuable on a bit more of a personal level.  Email marketing will really help give them the feeling that they are a name and not just a number.

Use Technology

With email, smart phones and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube, promoting your booth can become less pricey but must become more creative and unique.  The saved money can be put toward deals, coupons and free stuff which you can promote before your target audience ever arrives to the show.  These Internet-oriented marketing strategies are the wave of the future.

Spend Money on a Good Booth Appearance

Once your target audience arrives to the exhibit hall, you’ve already acquired, ahead of time, a corner booth for more exposure and have arrows set up around the exhibit floor pointing them in the direction of your booth.  The internet helped you get them there but face-to-face marketing will actually sell your product.  Never underestimate the power of a smile and a firm handshake.

You’ll want to be sure your booth is inviting so the pre-show marketing you’ve done isn’t all for naught.  Decorating your booth with lighting, banners, treats and interactive displays show potential clients and current customers that you think ahead, plan ahead and make things happen on an elevated level.

Attracting your target audience to your trade show booth begins the minute you find out about the expo and continues until you’ve acquired (or retained) them as a client.  Follow up is closing the deal and justification for all of you and your teams’ hard work.

Collect Visitor Information

Once they come and have explored your business concept, gently ask them to fill out surveys to evaluate their interest, and create a mailing list sign-up sheet with the intent of contacting prospective leads.  Remember the Internet is the fastest growing method of communication so gather their emails for future correspondence.  You might even ask them to evaluate how you and your team did so you can plan for future events accordingly.

About the Author

Eric Graves is the sales manager for Baslerco Inc, a company that can help you better interact with your customers. With items like custom printed Post-it notes and other personalized marketing materials, Baslerco Inc can help you grow your business and customer satisfaction.

Photo Credit: Taken by maebmij in Hanover, Germany, in 2000. Among the visible booths are those of ELSA, Logitech and Creative. {{GFDL}} [[vi:Image:CeBIT 2000 exhib)

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