What Effect is the Economy Going to Have on SEO in 2013

SEO in 2013

At the end of 2012, the economy showed some signs of improving.

More people were going back to work, and fewer people were being laid off from their jobs than in previous years.

While many job markets have experienced an uptick in job creation, few have rallied like the tech sector.

This is particularly true for people that work in SEO or work in internet-based marketing.

The economy is expected to pick up even more in 2013, and many tech-based companies are projecting larger earnings, or at the very least, fewer losses for the upcoming year.

This is going to have a large impact on people that work in the SEO and internet marketing.

More Companies Will Be Hiring SEO Professionals

In 2013, about 60-percent of businesses with a web presence plan to hire more people to do SEO for them.

That means many new jobs for people just breaking into the SEO field, as well as veterans that have been doing it for some time.

More Companies Will Create SEO Branches

Because companies are going to be hiring more people to do SEO for them, they’re going to need to segment those workers into branches instead of having them spread out over different departments.

In 2013, you’ll see more companies create SEO branches with certain individuals in charge of specific parts of their business.

As an example, you may see an SEO branch with employees that focus on social media while others focus on blogging.

For many people that are experienced in SEO, this segmentation could result in higher paid jobs – especially for people with a lot of experience in a certain area.

Companies Will Be Spending More on SEO

SEO Professionals on LinkedIn 2011 vs 2012
Source: Conductor.com

When businesses do well, they can increase their spending to hire more people and create new branches designed to help them expand.

Companies will be hiring new SEO professionals and creating SEO branches.

However, they will also be spending more of their resources on SEO because it has been an effective tool for many businesses.

That means that companies may spend less on other types of promotion in order to funnel more money into the SEO branch.

For people that work in the business, that’s very good news.

Job Titles are Likely to Change

While many of the people that work in the SEO field that have jobs will keep them, and many people looking for work may be able to find it, they’ll likely see a change in their job title in 2013.

That’s because the term “SEO” may be just a bit too limiting for many companies, who view their SEO teams as more of an inbound marketing team instead; a branch of their traditional marketing team, really.

This may not affect what a lot of people do on a day to day basis, but SEO workers that haven’t kept up with certain Google updates may find themselves a bit out of the loop.

Social Media Spending

Social Media in 2013

Social media has been a big part of most people’s jobs – at least people that work in SEO.

While some believe that this trend will continue because the concept of marketing and content have really been blurred through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, others don’t think the trend can last.

Skeptics think that the way companies use social media will change, and some companies may even go back to more traditional forms of marketing in the place of social media advertising.

While it isn’t likely to go away anytime soon in the entire industry, some believe that sites like Facebook and Twitter will be utilized less and less because people are growing tired of advertising through these forums.

Others believe that social media will play more of a role when it comes to customer service.

That means that customers will be able to connect with the company through social forums – though they may not be as inundated with traditional advertisements as they have been in the past.

Simply put, some believe social media will be a quick way for consumers to reach out to businesses they already know instead of finding new ones.

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