Google+ Brand Pages – Does Your Company Need One?

Google+ Business Pages Your company probably already has competent social media marketing in place. You have a Twitter, a Facebook, and a YouTube, in addition to your blog and website. Maybe even more. Now that Google+ has rolled out Brand Pages, do you need one of those, too? It may be starting to seem like too much. Too many pages and profiles to keep track of. And you can spend hours trying to promote your brand, add quality content, and interact with customers and fans. Oh yeah, and you have a company to run, too. Don’t feel like you’re alone if you’re suffering from social media meltdown. So now that there’s Google+ in the mix, how will your company respond?

The short answer is that yes, you probably need a Google+ page. The longer answer is yes, you probably need a Google+ page, but if you don’t want to bother, it’s not really a big deal at this point, either. Google+ brand pages are in a very infantile state. But because of the superpower that Google is, and because it’s the most popular search engine that people will use to find you, you might want to get in now. While Google+ only has a fraction of the users as Facebook or Twitter, it has the potential to grow. Here are some things to consider when making a Google+ page for your company.


When people search for your business on Google, your Google+ page will be one of the first results that pop up. It’s just another opportunity to invite people to get to know your company. People will (hopefully) click on the link if it exists. If you have a Google+ page, it could be good for your image. It will show that you are on top of all the new developments in social media, and that your company is committed to staying ahead of the trend curve.


Probably the best reason to get a Google+ page is that Hangouts have the potential to do great things for your company. Hangouts is a feature that allows Google+ users to video chat with each other, multiple people at a time. There are a great number of ways a business could use this to its advantage. You can hold Hangouts with your customers to just have a casual conversation and gain insight into their opinions and lives. You can have question and answer sessions, introduce new products or services, or even use it as a customer support tool.

Validity and Accessibility

The current downsides to Google+ are that there is no official process to validate that any brand is who they say they are, and a Google+ page can only be accessed by one administrator. The first is a downside because there could be potential fake profiles that could confuse customers. There is one way to get your page verified now, and this involved linking your official website to your Google+ page. The second downside is that only one person in the company may alter and post on the page, and if you’re trying to establish a presence, it’s hard to put that job solely on one person’s shoulders to manage the page entirely themselves.

The Future

It is a good idea to get a Google+ page now, because there are bound to be more pros as time goes on. Google is very good at responding to negative aspects of their launches, and they will likely be adding more features. It absolutely cannot hurt your company to go get it a Google+ brand page today. It might be a good idea to stake out your place as early as possible. There is a good chance the benefits will only increase.

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