How to Become an Instagram Expert

We don’t just go out to dinner anymore. Nor do we meet friends for a casual coffee or a night out for drinks. We don’t take private, hidden vacations on vacant beaches either. Well, maybe you do – but it doesn’t go undocumented. We are deep in the middle of the age of the Internet, and this means no matter how “private” or “casual” our daily lives may seem, it is exceedingly rare for anything to really go undocumented these days. We are in the kingdom of Instagram; everything we do or see or discuss is unconsciously documented and put online to show off our personal narratives, our way of seeing the world. Now more than ever before, we are kept in the loop of each others’ lives in ways we’ve never been.

The platform has become social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus. But even more, the platform has become increasingly visual. And there’s no better way to archive your life in a series of photographs then to do it on Instagram.

Now, as much as we like to “gram” photos of ourselves cooking dinner, drinking fancy lattes, or out dancing, we are also drawn to what we like to see. So if you have a company that’s looking to cast a wider net and bring in a larger audience, Instagram is a very good outlet to consider, if you haven’t already. With Instagram, your company not only has the opportunity to create a visual narrative for itself, but you also can use #hashtags, and filters to create the effect, and following, that you are looking for.

Instagram allows you to create more than a brand, it allows you to create a sensation for your company – a way to show yourself off in exactly the way you want to be seen. Here are some tips from the Instaguru:

Become an Instagram Guru


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