How To Become Re-Tweetable

How to Get Your Tweets Re-Tweeted on Twitter Getting ahead in the world of Twitter can seem like climbing Mt. Kilmanjaro; but it doesn’t have to be that way. With almost a million tweets per hour from users regularly logging in and posting or engaging in discussions through this unique format, there are so many connections that can be made that can help any individual or business stand out and make the most of their Twitter experience.

With new programs, applications, and strategies being developed every day; there are limitless ways to bolster your Twitter presence and increase your online influence. Becoming “Re-Tweetable” is one of the most sought after forms of going viral. Being re tweeted, which is having someone re post one of your tweets is coveted for many reasons; the main reason is to bring your message to whole a new list of followers. And often times this can lead to new followers.

There are several ways to be retweeted:

Be controversial: Twitter is about sparking conversation and engagement; there is nothing that gets a conversation brewing then stirring the pot. Tweeting about the most relevant news with your own controversial twist is a surefire way to arouse some buzz around your Twitter stream. But beware, being controversial is not the same as being offensive; and oftentimes people confuse the two. If you are using Twitter to expand your companies reach, be sure to court controversy in a respectful manner, meaning no swearing and rumor spreading. However, if your mandate is to ruffle feathers, go ahead and do so; many people have a made a name for themselves by being slightly offensive; see Kelly Oxford.

Tug at heartstrings: Mommy bloggers do this exceptionally well; tweeting about causes that are near and dear to many people’s hearts, has the potential to take your twitter presence to the next level. For instance, earlier this year a well known food blogger Jennie lost her husband suddenly; and her fellow food bloggers started a fund to help her pay for all the costs that come along such a tragedy. This fund raised nearly $25,000 for her and her family and this was all done with twitter and blogging- which go hand in hand. Every person who participated in rally used the hashtag #fundforjennie; and instantly, even the smallest twitterer was seeing themselves re-tweeted by the big dogs.

Which brings me to my next point.

Make the hashtag (#) your friend: Hashtaging, the art of adding # before a certain keyword, helps funnel your message to people who are interested in the topic. Simply tweeting a message isn’t enough, with nearly a million tweets per hour your message will certainly get lost in fray; but by using hashtags, you tailor your message to interested viewers. You’d be surprised how many followers you can get by tweeting something controversial or emotional and adding a hashtag to the pertinent keyword.

Getting started with Twitter can be scary; and slightly disillusioning when your tweets go un-noticed; but the point is to get started. Once you put yourself out there, use the tools that are available and start engaging with the masses you will soon see yourself climbing the twitter ranks!

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Bianca Osbourne is a freelance health writer with an obsession with Twitter. When she isn’t tweeting, she is writing about women’s health and wellness on her website

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