How to Create a Great PPC Ad Campaign

Tips for Improving Google AdWords PPC Campaigns
Tips for Improving Google AdWords PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns are ad campaigns where you only pay each time someone clicks on a link. These work by allowing you to pay nothing until someone actually sees your website, which means that if you have a good conversion rate for your site, that you will be able to almost guarantee a certain profit for each click. There are a few different PPC networks, but all of these work by placing your ads on relevant pages, and by getting you to ‘bid’ against the other advertisers. Your ad appears if it is the most relevant to the content and if you paid more than the other ads with the same relevancy. Of course you can set a limit on how much you are willing to pay out, and how many clicks you are willing to have on each ad which means you are still able to tightly budget and decide on how much traffic you want coming in.

However this still doesn’t guarantee success, and you still need to make sure that your ad campaign is good and that it’s actually going to attract visitors through the text you use or the imagery. Here we will look at how to do that.

Be Honest and Up Front

First of all, it is a good idea to be as honest and upfront as possible in any PPC ad. The reason for this is that you need to make sure that people know what they’re clicking and what they’re going to read. I would even suggest including a price in your advert where possible because this will ensure that only people with that money to spend click on your ad. This way you can greatly increase the click through rate of the traffic that comes to your site from those adverts meaning that you aren’t paying for lots of people to come to your page only to be put off by your advert.

What this in turn means is that you can actually offer to pay a high CPC (Cost Per Click) because you are going to make a higher amount of profit from each click, and because fewer people are likely to click on your ads in the first place. This will then mean that your ad is seen by many more people, meaning you are more likely to get exposure to people who are interested in your product for the price you are offering it at.

Eye Catching

Of course you still want people to notice your advert, and you still want to make sure that people are going to read it. Remember that even if they don’t click on your advert, you are actually gaining from them simply reading it and this means that you can increase brand awareness and visibility just as you would with an advert on the radio or in a magazine. People don’t ‘click’ magazine adverts, but this of course doesn’t mean that there’s no benefit to them…

To get people to look at your adverts you should use questions and sweeping statements. These are two things that draw people in and get them curious, either to see how you intend on backing up your statement, or to find out the question to the answer you poised. Curiosity is a powerful tool.

Image wise, bright colours are very useful for drawing attention, and people are more likely to look at and click on images that they find appealing and especially those that they find sexy. If you have a pair of sexy red lips on your ads for instance then these will help to get a lot more click – but of course remember that you need these lips to be relevant to the content you are offering.

The Landing Page

Also extremely important though is thinking hard about where you want your link to send your visitors. Ideally you will send them to a landing page that is designed for selling your product. Of course sending them right to the checkout is only going to annoy them, but if you send them to your main site then they’ll lose interest and leave. A landing page should be designed to sell your product and say what is great about it, and it should have a very easy payment system scattered all around the site. Videos can help a lot as well. Putting the landing page on the same domain as your main site though is also a good idea, as this way if they don’t buy your product they might at least still look around the main site which is a bonus to you as well.

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Vadim Kirichenko is an sem expert with Wisdek. He has written several posts and guides to help businesses and online marketers improve their PPC campaigns.

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