How To Get Noticed With Outside Advertising

How To Get Noticed With Outdoor Advertising
How To Get Noticed With Outdoor Advertising

Billboards are everywhere. People see a lot of advertisements every day, but remember only just a few. Advertising is becoming more competitive. Ad agencies have to come up with new ways to promote products, they have to use all sorts of tools and communication sources. It is incredibly important to know how to use advertising for your benefit. Below you will find several strategies to make sure your billboards will work and be noticed by your target audience.

Right word count

Most people are on the move when they see billboards. They don’t have time to stare at your ad and read it through, that is why you need to be precise. Keep in mind that people spend around six seconds checking billboards. Try putting no more than six words on your billboard to make it memorable. Short and catchy headlines would always work for your advantage.

Don’t go overboard

Bikers, drivers and pedestrians are your main audience. Your billboard should deliver a short and precise message to people, yet it shouldn’t distract them from what they are doing. I am sure you don’t want to be responsible for any major or minor accident on the road. You need to find a balance between provocative images and advertising.

Don’t waste the space

What’s the point of putting your phone number or a long website address on a billboard? 99% of the time people won’t notice this information or will have no time to write it down unless they are stuck in traffic and have nothing else to do. Billboards will help you with raising brand awareness and brand-building techniques. Your big billboard will deliver a quick message. It won’t help you in building a stable relationship with your client. You can still put your phone number and website address in case it is relevant to the ad.

Out of the box

Your billboard shouldn’t be boring or irrelevant. Smart advertising will attract attention and make people curious about your brand and product. At the same time, your billboard shouldn’t be too complicated as people would simply ignore it and move on. Complex messages and visuals wouldn’t work. A smart and fun advertising would be perfect.

Flat billboards are everywhere, that’s why you need to get creative. 3D effects, figures, moving parts and other interactive techniques will work for your advantage. You don’t have to put a plain text on your billboard; to the contrary, you need to experiment with your options. Outdoor banners need to combine catchy messages, creative representation and some artistic touch.

Quantity matters

Putting your ad on a billboard is not cheap. If you have only one billboard, it wouldn’t be effective for your brand. Traffic, visibility, and location affect the value of the billboard. If you have five billboards you will increase your chances of being noticed. If you want to increase the impact of your billboards you need to be prepared to pay more money.

If your business promotion is focused on one source of advertising, you may be missing out a great deal. You cannot invest your entire advertising budget in online promotion, you need to think strategically and employ different means of advertising. Both offline and online advertising are important for your business. Outdoor billboards, flyers, online ads work well in combination.

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