How to Keep Calm During a Business Disaster

Surveying the damage to business property
Surveying the damage to business property

A business disaster can strike at any moment. Companies can experience office fires, natural disasters or even terrorist attacks. Some disasters do not have an easily defined origin. For example, if your company sales suddenly plummet to the point where bankruptcy becomes an option, then that is definitely a business crisis.

When you are able to remain calm in a business crisis that helps your employees remain calm as well. There are a few steps you can follow that will help you to keep your cool even in the face of a huge challenge.

Have a Plan

Nothing brings a feeling of calm to a crisis situation more than having a plan to follow. Business planning includes creating contingencies for potential business emergencies, as well as buying the insurance that will protect you from unexpected eventualities ( can help you compare rates). While it is impossible to plan for every emergency, it is essential to plan for as many potential challenges as you can.

Contingency planning is something that your company should practice when possible. For example, when you have an evacuation plan in place, then you and your staff should practice that plan once a quarter to make sure everyone understands it.

Get the Facts

Second and third-hand information can cause a situation to get completely out of control. What is rumored to be a huge catastrophe could wind up actually being a simple solution. When a crisis happens, your first reaction should be to get all of the facts. If you can work on making fact-finding your initial reaction, then that will help to prevent panicking.

Remember Others

Another way to take your mind off of any personal feelings of panic in a business disaster is to think of how it affects others. When your company is going through difficult financial times, think about how each of your decisions affect the people that rely on the company for their livelihood.

In many instances, the sense of responsibility will override your feeling of panic. You will remember those you are accountable for and insist upon delivering a quality solution for their benefit. Of course, this could backfire and make you even more panicked. But when it comes to the feeling of leadership in a crisis situation, if responsibility frightens you, then you were destined to panic anyway.

Count on Others

You have staff members that are extremely capable of being helpful in a crisis. When you are making emergency evacuation plans, talk to members of your staff and ask them if they would be able to step up and help. During a financial crisis, turn to your accounting department to try and get the answers you need.

When you involve your staff in helping to meet a challenge, it can work to bring everyone closer together. Your ability to keep calm in a disaster by working as a team will help make you a strong business unit in the future.

The best way to react to a business disaster is to keep calm. That is easier said than done. It is best to be ready and have good people around you when it comes to a disaster to help keep yourself and your staff calm.

Image Credit: By Win Henderson (This image is from the FEMA Photo Library.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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