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Advertising is an essential part of the success of any business. If a business does not advertise, then it is impossible for that business to maintain a popular, relevant reputation. There are several different effective ways for businesses to advertise, but technology has made it possible to go above and beyond the traditional marketing methods. The Internet is an incredible resource for businesses who want to market themselves; they can instantly market their product or service to billions of Internet users for very low costs. Online video advertising is one of the methods of advertising that is extremely effective and popular.

There are some amazing statistics that prove just how incredibly effective online video advertising is. Statistics from say that Internet users watched 43.5 billion videos in December of 2011. Online video use also increased to eighty one percent of marketers in 2011. According to PRWeb, fifty two percent of marketers said they used video in combination with email marketing programs. Statistics from SEOMOZ state that posts with videos will attract three more attention than a text only post. These are just a few of hundreds of statistics that prove video advertising attracts much more attention than any other type of advertising.

Many companies and businesses are eager to begin online video advertising, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. There are some methods of video advertising that are much more effective than other methods. Fortunately, there are some simple, practical tips that businesses can use to begin online video advertising. First, it is important to always keep videos relevant to content in text posts included with the video. This ensures that users are interested in the video because they are already reading the relevant text. In most cases, it is very important to keep videos short. Most television commercials are thirty seconds or less; this is a good rule of thumb for online video advertisements. It may seem a bit impossible to fit an advertisement into mere seconds, but sticking to the main points will ensure the video is relevant and attention grabbing. It is important to avoid clutter and spamming when using videos to advertise; if a website is not appealing to the eye, then a potential viewer will avoid watching the videos on that website.

If a business is truly eager to succeed in the advertising world, then it is crucial to begin online video advertising. It may take a bit of learning and patience, but it will ensure that a business has incredible chances to become successful.

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