Time to Welcome Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Since the time Amazon Kindle Fire was announced, people have been eagerly awaiting to buy such an affordable tablet. It is going to be one of the highest selling tablets. The reasons behind its massive sale are not difficult to assess.

The first is its very competitive price that no other tablet manufacturer offers. It beats the lowest priced iPad tablet by a wide margin. The price advantage is obvious but there are other advantages as well. Kindle Fire offers somewhat fewer features when compared to iPad, but it is still going to win many hearts because of the wide range of features and solid specs.

Amazon Kindle Fire is packed with almost everything that one seeks in a quality computer tablet. The only thing is that the user must understand the limitations of technology as well as be knowledgeable about its features. For example, the device has 8 GB memory space that is sufficient for storing lots of documents, music files, and a few videos. However, it should not be compared with 32 GB or 16 GB tablet devices. The user may not be able to carry lots of videos and movies, but even that is compensated well when one takes into account massive storage space available through Amazon’s cloud technology as well as the feature of streaming video.

The device weighs only 14.6 ounces and measures 7.5×4.7×0.45 inches. Its designers have kept the battery and memory unit sealed inside the device. Except for the dual speakers, USB jack, power button and headphone jack, nothing interrupts its smooth and shiny surface. The Amazon Kindle Fire comes with the capability to connect to the network via WiFi network. Users are really going to love its 1024×600 LCD screen that measures 7 inches. The images that appear on its screen are very clear and sharp even in bright light.

Considering the low price for which Amazon Kindle Fire is being offered by the company, its processing power is impressive. It has a dual core processor of 1GHz. For the operating software, the device is equipped with a custom version of Android OS. Just after powering it on, the user can notice the important tabs on the screen. These tabs are the interface through which various tasks can be done. With the ‘Newsstand’ feature, accessing and reading all the news is quite easy. The ‘Books’ tab makes it easy to read the books and offers all the features that are available with the Kindle e-book readers.

Amazon is really counting on the Kindle Fire to increase its sale of music files. At present, Apple with iTunes is way ahead in this game, but that might change once people start using Amazon Kindle Fire. Users of this device can watch videos stored in the device itself or streamed through the Amazon Prime services. The ‘Docs’ makes it possible to access documents, while different types of applications can be accessed using the ‘Apps’.  Amazon certainly knows how to maximize its profits through its devices. Kindle Fire makes it easy for the users to buy products from Amazon’s network of web stores.

While the device’s on-board storage is limited to 6.5 GB, using Amazon’s cloud storage facility, users can access a wide range of movies and music play-lists as and when required. In fact, most of the data resides in the cloud storage. Users have been offered unlimited storage facility for anything that is bought from Amazon. For other types of files, 5 GB of cloud storage space is available. By paying $20 per year, users can upgrade this storage space to 20 GB. The device lacks support for HDMI and Bluetooth. Users looking for a camera would be disappointed, even though such a tablet is rarely used for photography purposes.

The main idea behind any tablet is to be able to access many of the basic features available in desktop computers. It is important not to compare Amazon Kindle Fire to iPad or any other expensive computer tablets. Kindle Fire is going to create its own niche category that would be hard for other manufacturers to break into. This device has the highest rating only because it packs so many features and specifications at such a low price. Users who are ready to accept somewhat less on-board storage would find this device very useful.

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