Are Softphones Part of a Dying Technology, or are they a Vital Communications Tool?

Counterpath Software

The past decade has experienced an explosion of new technology innovations within the telecommunications world – from mobile phones to business class IP PBX unified communications platforms replacing outdated analog systems. The same holds true for the softphone market, despite it’s somewhat decline in overall acceptance.  Softphones originally provided PC users with the ability to […]

Accounting Services – A Crucial Part of Your Business’ Success

Importance of Accounting

All businesses start out as small entities with a few employees, a few products and/or services, and an endless amount of dreams and hopes of success and prosperity. During the time when a small business is just starting out and is slowly growing, it isn’t uncommon for the business owner to take care of any […]

Facilitating Your Self-Employment

Meeting & Office Space Rental

Being self-employed is inherently challenging, and while it offers freedom and unlimited possibilities, it also leaves you in a position where you will often have little support. This can apply from an emotional perspective, though hopefully not, but also from an administrative one. Indeed, working in a fully serviced office provides you with so many […]

Opening a Franchise: What You Need To Know

Starting a Business - What You Need to Know Before Opening a Franchise

If you’ve ever thought of running a business, but lack the financial or business acumen to start one up, then investing in a franchise could well be the answer.  But, before you commit to anything, you’ll need to know the ins-and-outs of running a franchise, in order to make it a success. What are the […]

Working 24/7: How to Help Employees Cope with the Demands of Social Media

24/7 Monitoring of Social Media

Keeping up with social media can be difficult.  Even if your company has a dedicated social media team it can be hard for the employees on that team to keep up with the endless stream of tweets, emails, posts on your Facebook page, and messages on other miscellaneous networks.  There are, quite simply, too many […]

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Service

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Services

Like the old adage says; ‘you have to spend money to make money.’ In the recent economy crisis, many businesses are struggling to keep afloat. There is little you can do about the current economic climate but there are ways to recession-proof your business and eliminate financial hardship and come out on top. Heavily Promote […]

What’s Holding Small Businesses Back?

Closed Business

Ask any small business owner what’s holding their company back or preventing them from expanding and reaching their true potential and they’ll likely quote any number of reasons. The most popular obstacles, in no particular order, seem to be: • Difficulty in finding and retaining qualified workers. • Problems and costs imposed by having to […]

Mobile Apps War – Google Introduces Analytics for Mobile Apps

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

Shortly after Microsoft announced their intention of invading the mobile market with their newly developed Windows 8, we have Google upping the ante with its Analytics for mobile apps. The iPad was pretty lonely up there at the top with their tablet which seemed invincible, and untill Microsoft made its move, totally alone. The Internet […]

Top 5 Competitive Intelligence Tools

Competitive Intelligence Analysis

It’s probably safe to say that the Internet has changed the way we advertise small businesses. Market research, as a result, has changed as well, and it expands beyond simply setting up a website and answering emails to making social media profiles, running blogs, setting Google Alerts, signing up to news feeds and so much […]

How to Create a Great PPC Ad Campaign

Tips for Improving Google AdWords PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns are ad campaigns where you only pay each time someone clicks on a link. These work by allowing you to pay nothing until someone actually sees your website, which means that if you have a good conversion rate for your site, that you will be able to almost guarantee a certain profit for […]