How to Become an Instagram Expert


We don’t just go out to dinner anymore. Nor do we meet friends for a casual coffee or a night out for drinks. We don’t take private, hidden vacations on vacant beaches either. Well, maybe you do – but it doesn’t go undocumented. We are deep in the middle of the age of the Internet, […]

Millennials and Brand Loyalty

Millennials and Brand Loyalty

Growing, the rule was to not speak when “adults were talking.” As children of the baby boomer generation, the philosophy was to know one’s place and act accordingly. But this funny little internet thing took life and the millennial mentality has changed. For those who were exposed to the social media/blogging eruption of a decade […]

Get an Edge on Business Rivals with Competitive Intelligence Tools


The capabilities of the internet have been a boon to small businesses looking to effectively and inexpensively promote their services to a global audience. The net has also changed the way that start-ups and long-term businesses collect and use market research in a bid to stay ahead of the competition. Social media, blogs and websites […]

5 Creative Ways to Brand Your Business Through Social Media

Brand Your Business thru Social Media

Branding through social media can be one of the most effective ways to get it done. Not only are you able to provide a better overall image for your business, but you have the opportunity to reach millions of people to try and convert them to customers. If you are just now getting into the […]

Online Networking Tips for Savvy Professionals

Professional Networking

Networking has changed drastically in the past decade with the development and popularity of social media. Although some of the same rules apply to online networking as “old fashioned” networking, savvy professionals need to learn a few new rules to be successful in this brave new world. Create professional profiles- In the social media world, […]

How to Use Google Hangouts to Enhance your Business

Google+ Hangouts

Google+ is fast becoming one of the most active social networks on the Internet. If you do not have a Google+ account, you probably have not heard of Google Hangouts. Most people haven’t realized the potential at their fingertips with Google Hangouts.  From offering consultations to free advice to small group webinars, there is much […]

Working 24/7: How to Help Employees Cope with the Demands of Social Media

24/7 Monitoring of Social Media

Keeping up with social media can be difficult.  Even if your company has a dedicated social media team it can be hard for the employees on that team to keep up with the endless stream of tweets, emails, posts on your Facebook page, and messages on other miscellaneous networks.  There are, quite simply, too many […]

Facebook Access Restriction: Computer Monitoring Software VS. Employees

Facebook Restrictions at Work

Rules and regulations within the office should be ideally maintained to keep the structural integrity of the entire social system intact. It is an obvious, straight and direct rule that teaches us the power of corporate unity and the importance of individual productivity, and yet we seem to fail to follow it perfectly. Some employees […]

Google+ Brand Pages – Does Your Company Need One?

Google+ Business Pages

Your company probably already has competent social media marketing in place. You have a Twitter, a Facebook, and a YouTube, in addition to your blog and website. Maybe even more. Now that Google+ has rolled out Brand Pages, do you need one of those, too? It may be starting to seem like too much. Too […]

How To Become Re-Tweetable

Twitter (altered logo)

Getting ahead in the world of Twitter can seem like climbing Mt. Kilmanjaro; but it doesn’t have to be that way. With almost a million tweets per hour from users regularly logging in and posting or engaging in discussions through this unique format, there are so many connections that can be made that can help […]