Is Your Small Business Winning With Wi-Fi?

Small Business Wi-Fi

In a recent survey conducted by research firm iGR, 77 percent of small businesses rated Wi-Fi as “important” or “very important” to their businesses. While leveraging reliable Wi-Fi is critical from an operational standpoint, the main driver behind why small businesses are increasingly relying on better wireless connectivity is because of the relevance it has […]

Access management for remote employees

5 Reasons You Should Use A Professional Answering Service

Man Providing Professional Answering Services

Small businesses are often short on the resources that are needed for them to keep up with customer inquiries. Answering phones is a simple task that may fall to the bottom of the list of priorities for small businesses, but it is important for companies to prioritize responding to customers in order to gain and […]

Are Softphones Part of a Dying Technology, or are they a Vital Communications Tool?

Counterpath Software

The past decade has experienced an explosion of new technology innovations within the telecommunications world – from mobile phones to business class IP PBX unified communications platforms replacing outdated analog systems. The same holds true for the softphone market, despite it’s somewhat decline in overall acceptance.  Softphones originally provided PC users with the ability to […]