5 Creative Ways to Brand Your Business Through Social Media

Brand Your Business thru Social Media

Branding through social media can be one of the most effective ways to get it done. Not only are you able to provide a better overall image for your business, but you have the opportunity to reach millions of people to try and convert them to customers. If you are just now getting into the […]

The Fact and the Fiction of Business Bankruptcy

Business Bankruptcy

No one really wants to discuss it, but it’s a topic that more small businesses need to know about in this current uncertain economy. It can be an important move that can actually help save your financial future if you, or your business, is deep in debt. Yes, we’re talking about bankruptcy. There is so […]

Optimize Your Ecommerce Platform For Higher Sales Conversions

Magento - Optimize Your Ecommerce Platform For Higher Sales Conversions

The mantra for e-commerce operations for almost all businesses should be “make it as easy as possible for an interested customer to complete a purchase.”  Some factors that determine how easy it is for site visitors to make a purchase include accessibility of the site (i.e. online marketing presence), how easy it is for users […]

Employee Recognition: Boosting Motivation & Productivity

Recognition Helps Boost Employee Motivation & Productivity

Recognizing the work of employees is a vital part of being a successful business owner. Employee recognition includes informal and formal acknowledgement of employees’ efforts toward individual and company goals. Your employees will feel important and valued when you recognize and appreciate their hard work. While it is important to recognize workers who perform outstandingly, […]

5 Reasons You Should Use A Professional Answering Service

Man Providing Professional Answering Services

Small businesses are often short on the resources that are needed for them to keep up with customer inquiries. Answering phones is a simple task that may fall to the bottom of the list of priorities for small businesses, but it is important for companies to prioritize responding to customers in order to gain and […]

How To Get Noticed With Outside Advertising

How To Get Noticed With Outdoor Advertising

Billboards are everywhere. People see a lot of advertisements every day, but remember only just a few. Advertising is becoming more competitive. Ad agencies have to come up with new ways to promote products, they have to use all sorts of tools and communication sources. It is incredibly important to know how to use advertising […]

The Millennial Communication Gap

Millenial Communication Gap in Business

There has been plenty of talk about the workplace habits of millennials.  Their way of handling the day to day life in the office is one thing, but there are some real concerns about how some of them lack the ability to communicate. Indeed, these workers grew up during the emergence of the digital age, […]

What Effect is the Economy Going to Have on SEO in 2013

SEO in 2013

At the end of 2012, the economy showed some signs of improving. More people were going back to work, and fewer people were being laid off from their jobs than in previous years. While many job markets have experienced an uptick in job creation, few have rallied like the tech sector. This is particularly true […]

Online Networking Tips for Savvy Professionals

Professional Networking

Networking has changed drastically in the past decade with the development and popularity of social media. Although some of the same rules apply to online networking as “old fashioned” networking, savvy professionals need to learn a few new rules to be successful in this brave new world. Create professional profiles- In the social media world, […]

4 Common Legal Disputes Many Small Businesses Face

Business Legal Disputes

As a small business owner, you’re going to be faced with daily challenges such as management, competition, product delivery, quality control and all sorts of other fun details of successful business administration. And if these aren’t enough, there is always the looming specter of legal problems suddenly landing on your company or even you personally […]